Dome of Peace Foundation

It is the explicit intention of the artist to keep all the artworks created for the DOME OF PEACE together, as indivisible, unsellable unity, within the framework of an international NONPROFIT FOUNDATION.

The DOME OF PEACE FOUNDATION has also the purpose to publish and exhibit the existing artworks and to promote the project, in order to create the preconditions for the actual construction of the dome.

Dome of Peace


Currently the DOME OF PEACE has the status of “planetary art in progress”. The artworks LIFEPOLES TRIPTYCH and the 100 LIGHT OF LIFE paintings are ready, the PLANETARIANS and the dome building exist as models.

How can the dome be built? With which means? Where shall it be located? Who is the constructor?

It would be a step in the right direction to exhibit ALL of the 100 LIGHT OF LIFE paintings, in order to understand the magnitude of the project. But not many organisations, with exhibition space in the required scale of size, do exist. Therefore it is a good idea to introduce the DOME OF PEACE in many possible ways.

Please contact me if you want to contribute to the manifestation of the DOME OF PEACE — within the frame of your possibilities. Become a sponsor and co-creator!

With a financial contribution you can greatly help too. Donations are being used to showcase the project (3D visualizations, videos, publications, exhibitions and lectures) and to establish the DOME OF PEACE FOUNDATION.

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